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From boyhood to manhood, Peter Caproni has been a dedicated follower of the 'Dee and in this book he captures with passion not only the great games of the past but of more recent times too like the historical twenty-three game unbeaten run - and when twenty-five points just wasn't enough to sink the "Dee-fiant" club!

From the late 40's right into the 21st Century, Peter also identifies the club's heroes and puts together his fantasy Dundee side with their all-time best players. With Peter also telling tales of great derby wins, last minute winners and recognising how big a role the fans play, this book is an action-packed and rousing read.

Follow Peter - hear his thoughts on Dundee FC's current form.
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" This will stir the emotions of every Dundee supporter."


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Diary of a 'Dee
Past to Modern Day Through the Eyes of a Fan
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Peter's other book We Must Be Daft! is still available also. Click on the book for more info!

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